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  PBS    Kazakh TV News    English-language broadcast of news, sports  
   and business from Kazakhstan and Central Asia.  

    February 28, 2014
    3:30 - 4:01am PST  

the stars to doris will be reduced moratorium on inspections of small medium size businesses has been declared in context and the sultan that survive has announced domestic measures to improve the conditions for business development because extent that it affirms torture. get people to extend the rights of the new sds signed a decree on measures to improve conditions for development of a dealership in the country. i declare a moratorium on expect tons of small and medium size businesses starting in the second of january first two thousand fifteen i get a commission to the government to take a number of specific
measures to further improve the business environment can cause extent are the products of your proposed a new business. according to the president's commission the format of inspections in the country will be radically revised to exclude all unnecessary requirements as a result the total number of requirements will reduce by more than thirty percent. we hit the pin and the practical form. scheduled inspections will be canceled starting to reverse two thousand fifteen only goes on to new ritual really have a high probability of violations of law will be subject to inspections. if an entrepreneur of the phils only two apartments inspection agency should not come and it's all starting to wear first two thousand fifteen the liquidation procedure for small to medium size businesses will be simplified the general prosecutor's office will provide the national chamber of the newest with access to an information in relation to business. hooper computer decision to permit issuance procedure will be completed in at least a hundred forty kinds of permits will be in electronic format in addition procedures in the construction industry will also be greatly simplified for example starting jennifer's two
thousand fifteen the term of land five registration will exceed not thirty days the procedures for granted in changing the purpose of land as well as building permits in the connection to the utility systems will be reduced by fifty percent the measures to support the business community loss record changes in legislation you think you are asked her to death for foreign workers from a performer. in addition cumbersome and not really any more acts of government agencies will be canceled before june first of this year the government together with the national chamber want yours to conduct a thorough revision of the relevant legislation for the convenience of the business of the draft business coach at the combine all the balls and state regulation of business activity in principle agreement or compact adopting the oecd countries will be legally enshrined in kazakhstan will introduce a new institution in business but man its main task will be to protect the rights watch for new wars. it is or was this or that group's drummer boy as for the government will submit the draft law permits in notifications to parliament until people first dose of them are first and diesel or see the consideration for tv on
improvement of business environment before ginny whispers two thousand fifteen common received a draft law on the activities of self regulated organizations the cabinet minister of finances tulloch lodge a meeting in austin on the head of the ministry but did so on a proposed in bringing responsibility to the executives of three ministries such as the ministry of environment and water resources the ministry of education and science in the ministry of agriculture and several deputy governors for non disbursement of the budget these three ministers have not dispersed in total six point seven billion tinggi the finance minister called the the chairman as one of the main problem areas. that is why the ministry will begin to develop completely new draft law on the retirements in pockets with on of the prime minister said in general the fiscal discipline should be a party in the activities of not only the ministry of finance falsely government agencies to work at the ferocity of a commission to the ministry of economy image plane and in conjunction with the ministry of finance in several cars yet to finalize the conference the planned privatization is expected that next week the corresponding list of companies will be presented
to the president. again you know what the leftists in the semester. unfortunately our sector is growing to understand we are getting in the way of a small medium size businesses are national companies and holdings are still putting its non core assets. we are collecting list now but they did not want to give them our task is to review these list once again we should realize all these lists according to the commission and the president will be another powerful wave of privatization. this one should cover not only core assets of our holdings state owned companies all but two organizations but all sectors of economy starting with industry energy and utilities sector social services including health care and education of a new blow to the store to get a commission to submit the results of the transfer of tax administration from the customs authorities to fiscal once within ten days all employees of local tax services have become cabinet officials said the prime minister. this leads to an increase in soon open ocean fraudulent schemes pt refund delays and other problems that occurred budget losses
but if you look at that moment to admit that i cannot fit into the main causes are the new ship is frosting that i even added tax system azerbaijan has achieved sharp reductions in the sphere introducing a special bt account. we made seven trips there to learn about this experience we believe that this time has come we can now introduce it to the legislation level this year but we would introduce an organization level by two thousand fifty three two thousand sixteen and pilot mode and then we can carry out this work on a full scale in addition electronic invoices will be introduced in july first two thousand fourteen. this will be on a voluntary basis for a while this will greatly simplify the doing business for hundreds of yours. we recommend introducing a compulsory application for all pt payment. the order believe me look even if the ideas that i keep meaning to stick with it for this flood victims in shark oregon district will receive the help is needed for the district is suspended by the region's government can bicker should buy it at a meeting with local residents a special commission is now estimating the damage the fines for this purpose have been located from the reserve of the regional administration melted water flooded about thirty private
households and private households require restoration of the two have been considered as emergency building by experts the reason that is necessary to quickly make the necessary calculations the parallax and provide documents to appropriate departments to houses and inflated a disabled person lived in one of them assistance will be provided. the governor's office would do the best only the resident john recorded on the street senate but also local authorities were caught off guard by the flooding due to mud with water from the foothills of the mcdowell the region's governor honey meeting to discuss flood protection works with specialists and met with villagers. although i'm hoping for there's a lot of snow in the mountains you've seen it if it starts to rain snow will melt and cause a flood again we have a trade but has been broken twenty years ago if it is fixed we can avoid another flooding. we ask you to help us this is the most o seven we're going to change the course of the mountain water strain to avoid such a situation again. the return of course the lake system in and out all the words are being carried out now according to the weather
forecast the warm weather and abundant rainfall expected in the southern area region and marched down a cog on the strip center to seek out never to populated areas dialog in berlin remain and risk the region's governing get a commission to those responsible to keep the situation under control around the clock. several cars can match the phone when bowman forty two percent of investment projects emphasized in the second five year plan accelerated investor the elements the program them in such a key reports this year six projects of the program will be completed. the total cost of projects is to billing and three and forty million seniors complex and are actually in production when power station statement bush plants appeared acid to sub stations oman substation monarch hydra station are among these projects http project which will connect the country to high speed internet will also be completed soon. several cars now also plans to develop five new starter products in the field of energy and mining that allergic to cats engineering in real estate the final become an active investor to expand transfer technologies to develop high tech industries in the country for technology
centers will be established so leo sent to prison you can go to school it will create a generic senate in the chemical industries in covenant center. my gas will create a joint institute cromwell creepy institute of high technologies. he also established a center featured in achieving green economy in cooperation with nasa bike university. the centers for addressing issues of technology transfer and generating new ideas and commercializing them. so when you woke up. what becomes of them. as us recession to responding to questions about the plans to create chaos to my hairline he would serve the domestic market. several cars has concluded a partnership agreement with bombarded to supply to their crafts. forget the key is to move the pool miami's of these two combined. we have to register company until may we know we would track is an operator. i believe that the new airline will start operating at the beginning of next year. cool possible to get the seat to someone new to this that even a government official but much
of it the sultan as much initiative on the creation of the eurasian union announces the most of moscow state university turns twenty the prospects of the racial integration are actually discussed in moscow in the light of the recent events in ukraine. experts note that the ideas of their salt into my run today. he was such a component of the west. which all in your team isn't going to post this openness of mind is the only pro soviet leader to promote integration initiatives russian context in our neighboring country squishy night on the receipt on and even ukraine and coalition leaders did not take such proposals although russia has a common origin with ukraine and belarus twenty years later we see that the survivors right we should hear his ideas planned eagles nest on the hypocritical of the few questionable. o douglas a movie turns fifty the movie was directed by the people's artist of the ussr shake and i'm on of his one hundred anniversary was recently celebrated in context and his birth has been widely celebrated this year of the cozy is his nickname no one knows of this present ever lived. although there are many different stories about them all
the story showed all the locals say is a kind person who opted for taking time on a dream about making the movie was such a hero as the cause it but they do the russian film director young couples does not have shot the movie has ridden in kolkata in nineteen forty three. twenty years later a second kind of makes the movie about the cause and the officials last week and i'm honored to make the stage comedy with lots of jokes and humor. i wish i can talk differently or what the back with a bow. all of the people yet. she can do multiple chicken cooked in the sky pollution reduction because its stake in one shot of the cuisine is a smart person he embodied all the cozy with powers of the celtic people was that it was a major weapon. you mean the moment people are of the cozy as he featured in this movie. sixty years ago there were people who were against jake and starring in the movie second one to play the leading role this movie is not just an actor he's a great actor he
said that he will be playing this role he told of the causation be young. he also got old for that thing you that i'm out of love to work with experienced actors the big one is by a syndicate or junk all of them on the agenda back of the pond but didn't start in the movie taken. i might've received a diploma at the second ussr film festival nineteen sixty six in kiev the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said the housing market continues to great as accent. the state of the real estate market is recognized throughout the world as one of the main indicators of the state of the economy. rising prices and increase the number of construction projects commonly indicate an increase in gdp more rejections of what other side is a paradox that the housing market has been greatly supported
the last few weeks thanks to the detail each measures and provocative sms message about the bankruptcy of banks. it's strange what it tells us that is why ensure that the housing market will continue to grow a gadget but the five double global market in january experts predict that the real estate market will grow by five to seven percent today according to conservative estimates. this figure will reach ten to fifteen percent. as always price increases will be based on how much demand exceeds supply. i want people to read it the right. no one could assume that you can think and you can get everyone to propose a report that they can come in that region. our own. the stool to get out of those or gets most of the measures are working in construction company it would be a lot of people have withdrawn their money from deposits leaking on the steeple or don't trust the banks tried to mr my name something you can see the dentist in a menacing housing it. the printed in
the ocean. he reviewed the reason he thought the woodstove. no party or when you just assume that such things. november two thousand thirty one square meter of housing in the capital of the sixth and cost another two hundred and fifty nine thousand eight hundred thinking. ms filed a claim to the london court of international arbitration against ukraine for compensation of losses mean that if the billion us dollars. this amount was provided they speak to the greedy corporation for the purchase of green with its for the delivery to china instead by bypassing agreements with the jade green was purchased and sold to other countries billionaire warren buffett advised amateur investors to abandon attempts to guess the winners in the stock market. this was stated in the past has been an electorate mr buffett published by the porch magazine edition. according to the business and novice investors to invest in different enterprises that show good results instead of trying to keep the company with better prospects. warren
buffett mention the hundreds of companies from the ice with the five hundred index according to ford's september two thousand thirteen. well for the american billionaire was estimated at fifteen point five billion us dollars the on deck circle will announce the partnership in the field of media advertising and cooperation agreement does not apply effects from advertising visit the bug reports. media advertising service of young vic feed every guest will be connected to the rtd system of google's doubleclick ad exchange for a school bus service doubleclick that medicare will be connected to brt system and its technical integration will take a few months. us would prefer to use apple products were as men prefer cents. one of the largest consulting companies reached this conclusion after conducting a market analysis. apple is one of the favor granted us three to nine percent preference level. second place belongs to samson has devoted consumers are represented a
total nine percent of those surveyed. eighty five percent of respondents said the victim of the favorite brand the other eye eye. and
tunes. the beyond. how much it was introduced on the msg causing the appointment with an ophthalmologist lately that women have suffered from an avid introduction to the senate and intensified to like running since the sa only safety of her health in the early eighties margaret just another dr b's it is quite ordinary. several routes and for almost five or six years i feel pain in the eyes from time to time. i had recourse to the doctors but transcribed treatment didn't help and that was referred to the glaucoma center. the equipment here is a very good. after a number of examinations i was diagnosed with glaucoma teach us the is a diagnosis that implies is going to fight diseases accompanied by the rise of and topical oppressor and filmmaking our
patch of beach the disease is often encountered him on the people of over forty years old suffering from hypertension and diabetes well call ma fully sales reduction in the same similar to the site to learn and sometimes so cold even dance in circles beyond the peoples while a fourth homer of the disease progresses and noticeably. firstly it is disappearing night i read this weekend between cheques or tiredness. afterwards may proceed with sbc up overall deterioration sometimes accompanied by non stop that scandalous appealing to a number of factors. today medical advancements allows identified local might easily all in one week was the first is by microscope beat the mets are oni press are examined nine minutes and watch its excavation. also there is in and rearrange seen by the id so we conduct during extreme caution in the glove call center has been functioning under one of monday's local police for several years old maybe an advanced equipment allows
making full diagnosis. as it is stated by the doctors of the center of the key sentence of glaucoma has been writing lately but whatever cases the disease that prevents it's got to see where it is important. people must be more responsible about their own health and to build a propensity to the ophthalmologist at least once a year. check the blood pressure and the blood sugar level and account for the committee seat because mccormack is the fairest of all illness and disease are valid if that is also the reason for it to him that is. eye. beck states the dressing rooms in the spotlight. these are the suv's of a special world of time was fast and stayed
academic prowess and drama theater named after mark seemed like he is one hundred and fifteen years old. to this day it's the old defeated building is full of excitement and delight of the actors inspired by the famously to really answer my characters the actors of the marquis theater value that in a world of the characters they play striving to let every spectator fleet through the place and recognized the part of themselves heroes on the stage. our theory is the oldest theater in astana and one of the oldest theaters in the country its history goes back for centuries in the seventies of the nineteen century the clocks for the lovers of dramatic arts where popular later acknowledged the authority's allocated one hundred dollars to the construction of an actual theater building local merchant and philanthropist will bring added the same amount of funds to the establishment of our theater that was how the citizens lot of high art of acting finally found a permanent home. today is a sample of ice ages place of all a sundress and the hair
strands. the strong team of skilled answers all of these performances abroad. and what the feeder tube has recently closed their theatrical seasons in china and hungary they have also participated in international festivals in spain and russia the student who has been. you could go quickly and. his apostasy who would speak to spend it if you would treat her with the plastic keyboard. defier has become more if you are oriented to the place contain more and dance numbers some more music acrobatics and other emotionally stimulating elements we ever got someone carried away with these experiments are basically just a classical place to the contemporary trends in what you do in the midst of it in me. could it be the prelude. if the sectors of the cedar idea to send go
to the safety of the in the weeks go by grandma and she tried asking my dairy cattle can see you back on the synagogue. denise i made up as the civil rights all of us and many other talented artists. they are china and the silly acting have captivated the most sophisticated audience making every theater these is a profoundly enjoyable experience. the air itself allows arts week i shared to rest satisfied our aesthetic meets getting inspired say integrate the earth and have an amazing time. let's stop the clinic on it yet it's hard to get a tiffany sent to an american theater because it is a mixture of different styles and trends. we have modern experimental theaters and more classical and confessed alliance. i enjoy coming to marquis theater several years after this on the union collapse of the fierce struggle to
survive because of its stock and financial shortage over several years later the sierra started with lighting by explaining its own actors and continuing cooperation with leaders of the former soviet states cities states that the hosts defence training courses conducted by famous russian actors and directors the book was alive the solicitors replied me. i would like to waste our spectators chili and involvement. all our efforts are aimed at making the experience of watching telly late as enjoyable as possible. around one am not nine seats in the last eight when i i it. a set of advanced technologies the modern man continues to understand and love this noble art form. the fear makes us think and compare what they had seen on the stage with their lives
the hour of justice is still a chilly for certain emotions make you faint on certain topics. when you leave the theater we want it to be filled with feelings and have food for thought that allows you to draw parallels between what you have seen on the stage and you're online we received our smiling faces and hear your op loss of face makes us incredibly happy. we want to see a cheerful and happy about your experience of coming to the theater present a lot of theater without your life. we always wait for you we'd like for you i. the european union spends more on agriculture and rural development but it stands on enticing option at a time of crisis when the new beach squeezed out of every year of spending. it's understandable that the common agricultural policy which the ap as it's known could come under renewed scrutiny. this week
in the parliament in brussels the dpp group has held a hearing conducted the european commission's latest proposals to make the c ap points patients undetected. the keywords in the commission's proposals insisting that the farming communities the environment and production. it's a reflection of the fact that bombing is at the haunted your culture and history agriculture commissioner touch and cello part of the ppp political somebody told us why his proposed reforms designed to support your citizens. and it's going to have ct scan because the vendor is timely. put security which appealed to the cost of the core of good management of natural resources. it would ensure that put security sensor would not only in the short term but in the medium and long term as well. spending on agriculture and rural development the council almost cost the eu budget making sure that money is
spent in the most efficient and effective way possible the essential michael murray and john are in a steel is vice chairman of the gpt group and responsibilities of budget and structural policy he wants to various stakeholders in this debate to develop more common ground in order to ensure adequate eu resources coming policy in the future. we own the discussions around the top of the moment of the budget. you know we were there and was pleased that the one to the scene in the budget would be safe or dangerous for cp. cool the food was to have a consensus in the end. among the key actors in chief be because that would be some deep rooted to win for people who say are you going to rome parsons has no poker wise. a week or two horny and itchy dap is divided into two circle cutters and just cannot relate agricultural markets for farm products are regulated to what a cool common market organizations
will see an image is actually a way of stabilizing market street oval by paying homage guaranteed prices for imposing tariffs on imports the commission is now proposing to roll or she enters into one. michelle's on top of french mep is parliament's raffle to all the single common market organization. he told us about his approach to the commission's powers these are the beautiful appeared to be harmless close to the team in the house million of them are up against the tall man eucharist the starboard surprises in the market. so what i consider and weigh in because it is that the commission has not gone far enough. he's giving farmers the power to organize and chose instead to go together. in order to stand at the beach users which of course much bigger. and that it was changed and cucumber to show admission to the tune of a cocoa world development
plays a key role in the territorial economic and social cohesion of the eu and in the protection of the environment. it's also the second had a c ap the commission wants to make communities in the countryside stronger and more sustainable to targeted investment creating new long term employment opportunities asked in an epl is because the gap itself from a farming town in his column and shot the report on the rural development aspects of the ap she explained how she thinks the commission's proposal can be strengthened. i think it's very important to point out that the new development once the sauce approach on the show. we also want to what did they tell are matched to create new a ph how to make schools that teach how to make and then coming back to my keeping my next and then this all in all they want to find and they could pick which ought to get them to bring books to read too much notice. supporting agriculture and rural life that is at the heart of the dpp station for a dynamic and striking countryside and
to operate the commission's proposals. i generally a step in the right direction towards consolidation. more information on which policies and activities please visit our website ppp group. don't you. thanks for watching and she'll against. it is. is
new rule will. i ll do i